"Austin" Postcard History Series by Don Martin

Austin, Tx history as shown through collectible postcards fromthe 1890's to the 1940's, written by Don Matin (Austin Texas)


Welcome to the web site for the book "Austin" -- a postcard history of Austin from 1890's - 1940's, published by Arcadia Publishing Co of San Francisco, and authored by Austinite Don Martin.   The book is available on all major bookseller web sites (Amazon, Hastings, Borders, Booksamillion, Barnes & Noble, etc) or direct from the author on this site through PayPal.  (See Web Store) 

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By Don Martin

 As the capital of Texas, Austin has a long and colorful history.  The first residents were nomadic Native Americans who camped here as long ago as 9000 BC because of the area’s beauty, the clear Colorado and fresh springs, and the abundant wildlife.  These are some of the very things that attract people to Austin today. 

 Originally called Waterloo, Austin has grown from a tiny town on the edge of the western frontier in 1839 into the capital city it is today.  The University lent prestige, the state government erected buildings, the railroads came to town, and Congress Avenue – the ”main street” of Texas – filled with thriving businesses.

 “Austin” depicts some of the history of Austin from the 1890’s to the 1940’s as seen through collectible postcards.  Postcards are the third most collected items in the United States behind stamp collecting and money collecting, and Martin has an extensive collection to draw from for this book.

 Author Don Martin, an avid postcard collector, selected cards that depict a unique view of Austin buildings and life from 1890’s to the 1940’s.  He has a driving curiosity that has led to a variety of historical collections, including Republic of Texas memorabilia, Texas maps prior to Texas statehood, and of course Austin postcards.   A portion of his map collection is currently on display at the Williamson County Historical Museum in Georgetown on a long-term basis.  Martin is the owner of Don Martin Public Affairs in Austin.